Month: March 2016


The Leopard Country : BERA

When the leopard God smiles at you, you ask for more. - Old jungle saying Having tasted His grace by a rare sighting of a snow leopard pair in the frigid cold of  the Hemis National Park, Ladakh earlier this month; I decided to try my luck again with the leopards of hot dry Bera, Rajasthan. I embarked on a self driven expedition, joined with a bunch of enthusiastic wildlifers…


The Snow Leopard magic

28TH FEB, PUNE AIRPORT Trusting my luck and deliberating on my slight cold, I set out to capture with my eyes and my lens the fabled creature of the cold valley. 2ND MARCH, RUMBAK VALLEY, HEMIS SANCTUARY, LADAKH Its a few degrees lower than minus 10 and I sit perched precariously over shifty gritty rubble, hunched over my lens, trembling due to the cold. I search in vain through my…

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