Month: April 2016


Traveller, scribbler.

Integrity in Travel Writing As a writer, I believe that all the things that we, as traveler-writers, put in our blogs may not be entirely honest to the spirit of travel blogging. Travel is never perfect as we try to depict it, with our snapshots of beach sunsets & icecream sundaes in flower gardens. Travel is more-often-than-not messy, even unpredictable at times & not all experiences are good, like the…

The Aviary called ‘Kenya’

Kenya happens to be one of the most visited countries of Africa as it is renowned for its Safari opportunities. A country where you can see all the famous Big Five animals in a relatively comfortable climate. It also has an extensive bird list and an increasing Eco-tourism industry geared to birders… not least as it holds some remarkable birding sights… such as the rift valley lakes with millions of…


Ladakh : The Road to Self Discovery

Of all the dusty highways I have conquered The Manali-Leh-Kargil circuit has been my favorite since I first completed it in 2011; since then I have been 4-5 times every year & my heart grows fonder of Leh every time I head there. THE ROAD-TRIP : "Where the thump of the bullet becomes faster than the pumping of the heart."A lot has been said about the route & the rugged…


One Last Roar

From the Camp Diaries Dated : 29th July 2014 Despite it being nearly two years since her death, "Vijaya" better known as the legendary "Kankatti"; is sincerely missed by one & all who have seen her. It was just another wildlife tour with a group to Bandhavgarh before the National Park, closed for the monsoon, back in 2014. It was turning out to be a wonderful trip, with Bandhavgarh living…

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