Month: September 2016


Confessions of a “bad” traveller

The other day during a spirited conversation about the need of honesty in travel writings, I found out that I might not be one of the typical good travellers. The debate of a traveller vs. tourist has been around for ages; & despite being accused of being 'touristy' at times, I don't think it's essentially a bad thing. Despite conceding to calling myself a traveler, I do have a tendency…


The Spiti Endeavour

It all started one evening when Nikhilesh, Aniket, Sangram and me decided to meet up for dinner & it led to us spontaneously deciding that the week after we are setting out to explore the gritty roads & hairpin bends of the Spiti Valley. With a little help from our GO WILD comrades we got a little assistance on the ground in understanding the nuisances of the road trip of…

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