Month: June 2017


PANNA : the gem of Vindhyachal

The Emerald forest of Panna is one of the most virgin forests in the Central Indian landscapes. On most days there are just a handful gypsies in the entire park, the tigers are still shy of human attention & if you're lucky enough a Langoor will sound his alarm on spotting you as well. The Tiger Reserve can be easily be differentiated into three distinct regions : the riverbed -…

The Tiger Dream

Last year's nascent trip to Ranthambore was a journey that made me fall in love with a place, I sort of despised. Always entangled in a dense web of controversies , Ranthambore still managed to be a favorite for inbound tourists; making things for us slightly on the expensive side in contrast to the Central Highlands. Every year I would visit Ranthambore, I would make it a point to start it off…

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