Month: November 2018


Tadoba : The Summer of Smiles

From the Camp Diaries Dated 21 April to 24 April : STUDENTS BATCH Day Zero : As the train slowly chugged out of the Pune station, the excitement levels escalated rather quickly amongst the children. Most of the campers were avid travellers with a passion for wildlife. Day One : After a rather racy drive on the sunny, dusty roads of Nagpur; all of us, dropped into a tired heap…


Gorillas in the mist

After having spent almost a decade photographing the cats, I decided it was time to capture some apes on film; armed with that will I stepped out into the land I had only read about in Dian Fosse's books : The Land of Volcanoes. A slice of undisturbed forest lies shared between the borders of Uganda and Rwanda; and is home to the last living population of the largest terrestrial mammal…

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