Bhavik Thaker

About Bhavik
Looking for specialized trips to photograph the diverse Indian Wildlife? Bhavik is the man to look for! With his vast expertise and experience on the field he is the go to guy when talking about photographing wildlife. Known in the fraternity for his approach which is slightly different from the books, he believes clicking a picture and photographing one is a whole different thing. From conservation issues to spreading awareness about wildlife and from photographing urban wildlife to the endangered ones everything matters for him!
His work is not limited to just one thing, varying from birds to mammals and everything that nature has to offer, making the best out of what is in front at that particular moment matters the most for him and this comes from his long experience working under conservationists and ground level naturalists. His pictures tell stories that have won more hearts than awards all over the world making a difference and have inspired not only the young people through social media but people from all ages. He makes everyone believe from his pictures that even a common subject and a common camera gear can do wonders. Winner of more than thirty awards in India and abroad his works have been exhibited and published from time to time in various national and international publications.
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