Dreaming at a Lake : BHIGWAN

When I was sleeping, my phone started ringing, I opened my eyes little and checked who was calling me,it was my brother from the room downstairs, to ask me to check if I was awake. It was 3:00 am and my brother was going to drop me at the pick-up point where everyone else was going to gather who were coming with me to Bhigwan but it was freezing cold outside and the pick-up point was 5 miles away from my house and it’s very difficult to ride on a scooter till there. So my brother asked me to check if any cab was available, so I checked and found one and booked it. I was afraid to travel alone in a cab, but then I got ready and left fear at home and headed out.

When I reached there and stepped out of cab I started shivering, my feet and nose got frozen even though I was wearing warm clothes and shoes. I felt like I was the only one who was dying in the cold night.
We left from Pune at 5:00 am to Bhigwan. It takes 2 hours to reach there, but, for us, it took more than 3 hours. Trips never go as planned. There is always a little mess and delays which makes trips perfect because everyone knows that trip for a true traveler is not as perfect as the photos we see on social media, one with a girl in front of Eiffel tower with bag. And thus forms the difference between a traveler and a tourist. Traveler always have an imperfectly perfect trip, because for a traveler imperfect trip is flawlessness.


Then we reached Bhigwan at 8:00 am. It took 30 minutes to find the place we had decided to reach. And then we finally reached there. I was smitten by the beauty of the backwaters, it was so foggy that boat seemed to be floating in the air. The backwaters of Ujjani Dam, which situated near Bhigwan are famous for bird-watching, especially for flamingos and wildlife photography. We saw many birds, many kinds of ducks, herons and egrets. Being not a big fan of birds, I don’t remember any names of birds I saw there, either than the flamingo. But I enjoyed taking photos of birds as it was my first try at wildlife photography. The guys from GO WILD still tried their best to keep me interested by telling me specialities about behaviour & habits of the birds we would spot !


We had to travel in a boat to reach the point where flamingos are commonly found. When we started our boat journey, I felt really content & relaxed. As the boat made its way, it made me feel good cause of the many birds around us and they all were chirping and making calls. People in my boat started clicking photos of each and every bird we saw, identified by the GO WILD guys. I was too lazy to click photos of every bird, but I took photos of the few birds which were in the position which made me to click their photos. It was really great fun on the boat.

It took us an hour to reach there, and all we saw were about 15-20 flamingos, we were expecting to see more birds than we actually saw. But no problem, great thing was we got a chance to see flamingos, but many people who come there to see flamingos don’t get a chance to see them. All the flamingos had their head in the water and all we could see was their body and neck that’s it.


The cold morning turned sunny and all of the started sweating. It’s funny how I was dying in cold few hours before and then I was all sweaty. We all were in need of a shed, so our boatman rowed the boat under the tree. We felt really good. When we checked out the tree, the whole tree was covered in a web and it looked beautiful when the sun rays come through the web.

After taking photos of flamingos we left to get back where we started. The sunny day made me feel tired and sleepy. I was lucky I had a space where I can have a nap. I had a really great nap of 15 min as I had it in a boat, as water surrounded me and an open sky. What can be a better place to have such great nap.


When I opened my eyes, we were near the starting point. I saw everyone in my boat were tired and sleepy like me, but unfortunately they didn’t have any place to lay on something like me, as they were sitting on the rowing decks. We reached back at noon, exactly 12 pm. People with started talking about what birds they saw and showed each other the photos they clicked. I wasn’t into it because I really didn’t get excited about birds, but I rather felt good that I found such beautiful place to be in and to meet new people.

It’s amazing when you make friends while you’re traveling because you may find that the other person who has the same interests like you or much more. And you never know when will you meet that person again. The GO WILD bunch is a lot of fun and loaded to the brim with knowledge, hope to travel with them in the coming days !

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