Rejuvenate in the laps of nature

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Weekend Outings

Just like batteries, human brain has to be recharged for better creativity, work results and positive attitude. These quick weekend outings in the lap of nature help you relax and feel more confident.

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Photography Workshops

What can be more relaxing than doing something you love ! Photography is a famed hobby , yet with busy routine, hobby often takes a last seat when it comes to investing time. That's where Go Wild’s customised corporate photography learning workshops come into picture. These workshops make the employees indulge in their passion that helps revive their energy and has a lot of positive effects on them. They can be arranged according to company's requirements.

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Nature Camps For Corporates

Look deeper into the Nature and you will understand everything better- Albert Einstein. We take the employees closer to nature, away from the concrete jungles. A lot of interesting activities like bird watching, wildlife safaris, jungle trails combined with photography learning to capture the beautiful surroundings are conducted during these outings. Relaxation and Rejuvenation are heart of this program.

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