These camps are specially curated for budding explorers aged between 10-16. It is mainly for the ‘grown-up’ kids, who want to explore their surroundings independently. Imagine a beautiful destination, curious kids ready to go out into the wild and our experts to guide them. There is no stopping to creating some amazing experiences which will stay with them for lifetime! While there is a lot of serious learning involved, kids also get to relax and enjoy some time around a campfire.

Nature Outing For Kids

Specially Curated Camps For Budding Explorers


    Student Camps

    Say hello to one of the most sought after wildlife destinations from around the world. A land where you can truly experience the survival of the fittest.

    from 122750


      Student Camps

      Spread along the areas of Ken River in Central India. A Tiger Reserve deeply hailed for being the iconic success story of Tiger reintroduction.

      from 26500


        Student Camps

        An important Tiger Reserve in the Satpura-Maikal Ranges. Pench has a rich diversity in avifauna and a healthy population of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

        from 20900


          Student Camps

          Tucked in the lap of the Aravalli mountain ranges. Once home of the local kingdom, now homes another kind of royalty : the Royal Bengal Tigers.

          from 24500


            Student Camps

            With its picturesque landscapes, Nagzira is home to rich avifauna and a healthy population of Leopards and Wild Dogs. If lucky one can sight the Tiger.

            from 18200
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