The heady smell of drenched mud, the fresh green of a new leaf that looks like it has been polished in honor of the rain, a hint of ochre slashed by black, a glimpse of tawny velvet imprinted with the most perfect rosettes; there is nothing that rivals such moments in the wilderness.

Best Seasons:May, June, July
Popular Location:Brighton, Florida, Goa, Phuket

Jungles of India

The best forests to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild
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Tiger Jungles

Tucked in the lap of the Aravalli mountain ranges. Once home of the local kingdom, now homes another kind of royalty : the Royal Bengal Tigers.

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Tiger Jungles

Tucked in the foothills of Himalayas, the montane slopes are full of resplendent hues. Avian beauties of all sizes and shapes and colors can be found.

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