The heady smell of drenched mud, the fresh green of a new leaf that looks like it has been polished in honor of the rain, a hint of ochre slashed by black, a glimpse of tawny velvet imprinted with the most perfect rosettes; there is nothing that rivals such moments in the wilderness.

Best Seasons:Oct - June

Jungles of India

The best forests to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger in the wild
Tiger cub watching straight into the eyes


    Tiger Jungles

    Tucked in the foothills of Himalayas, the montane slopes are full of resplendent hues. Avian beauties of all sizes and shapes and colors can be found.

    from 41900


      Tiger Jungles

      Dipped in mythology, the park is home to stories both of stripes and men. Visit once, and keep coming back for the tales of the wild.

      from 31700


        Tiger Jungles

        A semi-dry deciduous forest in Maharashtra. The favourite destination for all tiger lovers, as the striped beasts here are bold and fearless.

        from 29600


          Tiger Jungles

          India’s biggest protected forest and swamp, it is home to the largest population of the Royal Bengal Tigers. A land of avian and aquatic surprises.

          from 28000


            Tiger Jungles

            An evergreen forest with sprawling grassy meadows and Sal trees (Shorea robusta); this is a heartthrob among the wilderness lovers.

            from 29800


              Tiger Jungles

              Tucked in the lap of the Aravalli mountain ranges. Once home of the local kingdom, now homes another kind of royalty : the Royal Bengal Tigers.

              from 34900

                CITY ESCAPES – NAGZIRA

                Tiger Jungles

                With its picturesque landscapes, Nagzira is home to rich avifauna and a healthy population of Leopards and Wild Dogs. If lucky one can even sight the Tiger.

                from 17900


                  Tiger Jungles

                  Spread along the areas of Ken River in Central India. A Tiger Reserve deeply hailed for being the iconic success story of Tiger reintroduction.

                  from 24750


                    Tiger Jungles

                    An important Tiger Reserve in the Satpura-Maikal Ranges. Pench has a rich diversity in avifauna and a healthy population of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

                    from 20600
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