Home to a stunning array of wildlife, with more than 900 bird species, the tropical rain-forests of Costa Rica are a paradise for birdwatchers!
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All about the COSTA RICA.

Costa Rica which literally means rich coast is blessed with a stunning array of wildlife, while all the birds of Costa Rica are pretty, some are especially magnificent, with ornate feathers, unique physiques and mesmerizing flying styles. Home to more than 900 bird species, Costa Rica is no less than a paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers. Although Costa Rica is a small country, it is in the bird-rich neotrophical region and has a huge number of species for its area. Not just birds, the mystical cloud forests host a wide variety of flowering plants for nature lovers to admire. Costa Rica’s geological formation has played an important part in the diversification of avian species. After millions of years of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the previously separate American continents eventually became connected. The stretch of land between continents, now Central America contains what might be expected of a bridge – representation of species from both the continents. Costa Rica has long been a top destination for bird enthusiasts and those looking for exquisite avifauna will not be disappointed!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Lodging as Specified in the Itinerary.
  • All Meals Specified as per Itinerary.
  • Internal Transportation.
  • Private Transfers to and from Hotels on First and Last Days.
  • All Birding Trails.
  • Professional Nature Guide for Entire Journey.
  • GW Photo Mentor.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Airfare.
  • Food For The First and Last Day.
  • Visa Fees.
  • Bottled Water in Resort.
  • Insurance.
  • Laundry & Telephone Charges.
  • Alcoholic Beverages & Soft Drinks.
  • Tips & Gratuities.
  • All Applicable Taxes.
  • Things Which are Not Mentioned in Inclusions.
  1. Day 1 San José

    Arrival at San José. Transfer to our hotel which is very close to the airport. Overnight at hotel. Food is not included for the day.

  2. Day 2 Atlantic Lowland Rainforests

    After a hearty breakfast, we drive to our first destination, a rainforest lodge with feeders that offers unmatched opportunities to photograph Toucans, Oropendolas, Tanagers, Honeycreepers, and Parrots among many other birds. After a quick lunch at the birding deck, we set off for our first birding session. Review sessions would be conducted in the evening, tips and techniques regarding photographing rainforest birds would be shared with the participants along with some photo editing techniques. Dinner followed by overnight at lodge.

  3. Day 3 Atlantic Lowland Rainforests

    We will start our day shooting from the deck in early morning light. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how perches are selected and set up for photography at feeders. After breakfast, we will prepare for the next session – shooting king vultures from a specially designed hide by the award winning Bence Matte. Return for lunch and head to the lodge managers house for a session at a blind – one for honeycreepers and one for a multi-flash hummingbird setup. Birds targeted during this session will be Green Honeycreeper, Red legged Honeycreeper, Shining Honeycreeper, and Blue Dacnis. At this time, we will also keep an eye out for the occasional Chestnut-colored Woodpecker and other surprises. Review session in the evening followed by dinner and overnight at the lodge.

  4. Day 4 Atlantic Lowland Rainforests

    On this day, we will have multiple options. After breakfast, we will spend some time shooting more birds at the feeders. In the meantime, we will work on a setup to photograph rainforest frogs like Strawberry Poison Dart Frog, Green and Black Poison Frog, Red-eyed Tree Frog and few more. There is also a possibility to shoot Eyelash Vipers and other reptiles during this session. We will end this day with an exciting session of photographing bats at night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive.
    There is an option to add a session of boating on this day in the San Carlos river. This is an optional trip and has an additional cost.

  5. Day 5, 6 and 7 Sarapiquí Rainforest Preservation Area

    Today we will leave the Atlantic rainforest early morning and reach our next location, a private farm with restricted access to look for some endemic specialties like the Honduran White Bats, Spectacled Owls among many other local rarities. We will enjoy a homemade lunch today with the local guides and then proceed to our lodge. A short afternoon siesta and then we will head to a location famous for photographing frogs. This afternoon we will try to make great macro images of the Red-eyed Tree Frog, Glass Frog, Eyelash Viper and many other species.
    For the next 2 days we will visit some private farms for Macaws and look for other birds on walking trails as we try out several different things. This is the period that truly makes our trips different from the others as we try to maximize opportunities with rare birds from different altitudes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive.

  6. Day 8 Talamanca Cloud Forest

    After an early breakfast this morning, we head across and then up into the Talamanca Mountain Range en route to our last destination, the high cloud forests just on the Pacific side of the Continental Divide. The farms here are run with a collaborative effort between the family that owns the lodge and the local farmers. We will spend the afternoon photographing the amazing high-altitude hummingbird species like Fiery-throated Hummingbird, Green Violet-Ear, and Magnificent Hummingbird. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive.

  7. Day 9 Talamanca Cloud Forest

    Before breakfast, we will head out with the lodge owner to look for the Resplendent Quetzal, the highlight species for all birders visiting Costa Rica. The lodge owner and his family have started a project to work with local farmers in the area to monitor and protect the Quetzal, and this network raises our probability of seeing this beautiful species. After breakfast, we will work on our multi-flash hummingbird photography and also photograph the local birds at our feeder setups. Breakfast, lunch and dinner inclusive.

  8. Day 10 San José

    This would be our last birding session at Talamanca Cloud Forest, we will spend the morning shooting outdoors. Later depart for San José. Post a sumptuous lunch we conduct another review session, here again you will get all your queries answered by our tour leader. Please note that dinner is not inclusive in the package for the last night.

  9. Day 11 San José

    In the morning, private transfers to the airport for your flight home. After ten days of intensive and thrilling photo tour at the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica, it is time to head home with a lot of memories to share and stories to tell.

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Home to a stunning array of wildlife, with more than 900 bird species, the tropical rain-forests of Costa Rica are a paradise for birdwatchers! The tour offers unmatched opportunities to photograph Toucans, Tanagers, Hummingbirds and Quetzels among many other birds. Participants will also have opportunities to photograph various reptile and amphibian species. This being a Photo Tour, the GW Photo Mentor would conduct review sessions, in order to make the most of the available opportunities!

A minimum level of fitness is a must for this tour as some of the Birding Trails are carried out on foot.

The accommodations are always on double sharing basis unless otherwise opted for. Single sharing basis attracts an additional fee.

The climate in Costa Rica is hot all year round in the plains and along the coasts, while it’s milder in the plateau, temperature variations are low because the country is located near the Equator, so the main difference between the seasons is found in the rains. The rainforests of the southern pacific coast are warm and humid, with heavy pouring in the rainy season.

Anyone who is fond of wildlife and and photographing it is welcome. If you are an avid birdwatcher hop in, as Costa Rica is a paradise for birders. It is apt for beginners as well as experienced photographers, as the tour can provide you with an excellent learning opportunity with detailed insights and tips based on wildlife photography. For a detailed inquiry you can always ask our experts for advice.

We pride in being experts in wildlife for over a decade and hence traveling with us is stress free, fun oriented, interactive and knowledge based. The tour being lead by a GW Photo Mentor assures that you will surely return home as a better wildlifer and a photographer!

Nature Trails conducted by us follow the highest safety standards, and we take all necessary precautions involved. We respect the wild animals and their comfort, and keep adequate distance while photographing them. However its worthy of noting, that being cautious goes a long way in preventing any mishaps.

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