Learn the basics of photography, nuances of equipment, and the tricks that go behind making award-winning wildlife images.


It is often said that, “You don’t take a photograph but you make it”. Working on the same lines we present to you a course on the Fundamentals of Photography. We have aimed this course at beginners and amateur photographers who wish to learn the basics behind the art and science of photography. With the advent of digital photography, photography has become much more affordable in recent years with multiple camera/lens options available in the market. One needs to have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of photography in order to make a good photograph.

Who all can attend –

Have a point and shoot camera?

Planning to buy a DSLR?

Have a DSLR but clueless about it?

Want to pursue photography as a hobby?

What you see is not what you get on camera?

Have any of these questions in your mind? Then you are at the right place. From the technicalities to the aesthetics; we provide a perfect learning opportunity to one and all!

  1. Types Of Cameras ...

    Brief history and technological evolution.

  2. Types Of Lenses ...

    Understanding specifications of various kinds of lenses and special lenses for various kinds of photography.

  3. Functioning Of A DSLR ...

    Get well versed with how your camera exactly works. Learn about various camera modes and other essential features of a DSLR.

  4. Exposure Triangle ...

    Understanding how Aperture, Shutter and ISO work together.

  5. Depth Of Field ...

    Understanding the concept of depth of field and about various factors affecting it.

  6. Metering And Focusing Modes ...

    Learn about various metering and focusing modes.

  7. White Balance ...

    Understanding white balance and it’s creative uses.

  8. Composition ...

    Your images might be technically correct but they also have to be aesthetically pleasing for viewers to appreciate.

  9. Basics Of Post Processing ...

    Learn the basics of post processing to enhance your images.

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Anyone having an avid interest in photography is welcome. This course is aimed at beginners and amateur photographer who wish to learn the basics behind the art and science of photography.

We advice you to bring along your DSLR Cameras, kit lenses, memory cards, charged batteries and camera manuals.

It is not an absolute necessity, but having a DSLR can prove to be beneficial. You can bring along your digital cameras as well.

We pride in being experts in wildlife and photography for over a decade now and the workshop being conducted by a GW Photo Mentor assures that you will surely return home as a better wildlifer and a photographer!

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