Shailesh Shrikant Deshpande

The Tiger statue outside ‘Go Wild’s’ pune office is inviting all nature lovers to the BIG CATs home… THE JUNGLE!!!

Thinking of the same I entered the office and visited Kanha and Kabini with my family, our first jungle tours.
The aim of a vacation trip is to have good time for recreation or leisure. The Go Wild’s tours are well balanced of both. That makes your vacation a memorable one.

When my 4 year old daughter asks : “Mamma, when are we going to Kanha again?” conveys the enjoyment she had on the tour.

The team is really a WILD one, with each one king of his field. To name a few: Sandeep a great photographer, Mangesh is a good tour incharge..
This team makes you to GO WILD literally !! 🙂

The safaries and the photography courses helped me to nurture my photography skills.

Many wishes to the Go Wild team for future and looking forward to be a part of many more activites.


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