What’s in the name ?

Often christened by the guides, the tigers have amusing names owing to their respective behaviors or the areas/ waterholes they are sighted in regularly.

  1. Machli, Female, Ranthambore : Perhaps the most well documented tigress in India, T-16 is better known as Machli owing to her fondness of the lake, where she used to be found, half-submerged usually.
  2. Charger, Male, Bandhavgarh : The erstwhile angry young tiger from Central India, Charger gained his name owing to his fierce, territorial nature & his habit of rushing at the tourist jeeps & elephants.
  3. Scarface, Male, Tadoba : The big daddy of Tadoba, he is known for his distinct burlesque frame & his slow regal style of walking. Also known as Waghdoh, he is the true monarch of Tadoba.
  4. Babathenga, Female, Kanha : Also known as the “choti mada”, the tigress is frequently seen with her litter around the waterhole called Babathenga. She now bears a litter
  5. Yeda Anna, Male, Tadoba : The male is known to be fearless, has a reputation of charging at vehicles & has a crooked tail. That led him to be called as the crazy boss of Tadoba.
  6. Noor, Female, Ranthambore : The tigress who raised Ustad’s litter, is known all over for her unscarred, beautiful pelage. Her coat glows golden yellow in the Sun, instead of the usual orange & is thus rightly referred to as Noor or the beauty.
  7. Baghoda, Male, Bandhavgarh : Regularly sighted in the Magdhi zone of Bandhavgarh, this shy male has been often seen running away at the sight of approaching jeeps.
  8. Bajrang, Male, Tadoba : The muscular, sculpted beast of Mohurli zone; he is christened after his ripped built. He is quick on foot & is known to travel long distances frequently.
  9. B2, Male, Bandhavgarh : The yester King of Bandhavgarh, he was one of the trio who put the national park on the tourist map. Still deeply missed for his photogenic features, he fathered the next Alpha male aka Bamera.
  10. Shivaji, Male, Tadoba : Spotted in the deeper reaches of the tiger reserve, a long white beard similar to the former Maratha Emperor & a regal gait; he earned the namesake title.
  11. Baghin Nala, Female, Pench : The recently deceased tigress was named after the Baghin Nala canal. One of the most frequently sighted tigress of Pench, she gave a huge boost to tourism along with the Collarwali.
  12. Blue Eyed Boy, Male, Bandhavgarh : Probably one of the more elusive cats at the Park, this tiger was known for a rare polygenic phenotypic mutation of the eye color; resulting in an unique blue colour.
  13. BMW, Male, Pench : Scrawled on the left back thigh are the letters; he is known to be shy & to plot his movements in accordance to the comings and goings of the park fraternity.
  14. Kankatti, Female, Bandhavgarh : The former Queen was covered gloriously in scars of battle from other tigresses. Towards her last years of reign she remained proud & bold despite losing an eye & an ear; which resulting in her name (the one with the sliced ear).
  15. Sundari, Female, Ranthambore : Daughter of the legendary Machli, she was one of litter of three along with Atthara (T-18) & Unnis (T-19); she overtook most of Machli’s kingdom & gained her fame cause of her charming looks & camera friendliness.
  16. Jai & Viru, Males, Umred : Brothers from the same litter, they shot to fame for switching areas from Nagzira to Umred & turning into two huge beasts. Their sibling affection hasn’t reduced despite their maturity leading to them being nicknamed as an inseparable duo.
  17. Bheema, Male, Kanha : The young hulk is known for his unfazed ways & there are numerous stories of how he mas made vehicles retreat by his strides. He is one of three dominant tigers along with the Link 7 Male & the Kingfisher Male in the Mukki zone.
  18. Zaalim, Male, Ranthambore : Once known as The Brute for his ferocity, this tiger has over time had a complete change of heart & has now fathered two orphan female cubs. He is also popularly known as the Dollar Male (T-25), owing to a discernible $ mark.
  19. Collarwali, Female, Pench : Sister to the Baghin Nala, this tigress is named after the radio collar around her neck. Daughter to the renowned Badi Mada, she has expanded her territory furiously & lived up to being the prodigal heir.
  20. Munna, Male, Kanha : The poster boy with the CAT & PM signs on his forehead, as a cub he had gotten into a fight causing an injury which made him limp. During that time there happened to be a limp forest guide by the name of Munna, leading to the namesake.


Compiled by Aniket Gupta


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